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Cajun Computers is back!  Our new location is our old location!    We are back at 107 6th St
which is on the corner of 6th and Front in Evanston. This is the location we were at for 10 the old is new! Open Monday thru Friday 10:30am to 5:00pm


You got a problem??

Actually, most people call us because they do!  And at Cajun Computers, we have a different philosophy about problems.  Just about any problem can be FIXED.  This means we avoid taking the easy way out.  We avoid having to format your hard drive, destroying your valuable information.  We believe in taking the time to FIX the problem.  If you have numerous pop-ups, we believe in FIXING the problem causing the pop-ups, not MASK them by installing some pop-up blocker.  If you're tortured by blue screens of death, let us read that endless stream of numbers and jargon and FIX what's causing them.  Just remember our philosophy - FIX, not format. 


Broken laptop screen?  Iphone all cracked up?  Samsung is a smashsung??  We can fix it!  We can fix almost any brand and any type.  Why go to Utah or some place out of town when you can get it done right here in Evanston for the same price?  We can help!  


Now servicing Ipods, Ipads, and Macs!  Don't let your Apple take a bite out of you!  Whether it's not booting, not playing, not holding battery, needs an upgrade, not running right....let us take a look at it.  We can help!