Welcome to KEVA Classifieds.com

KEVA Classifieds was always a FREE program for everyone to post items for sale, things you're looking for, yard sales, and just about any kind of classified ad not business-related.  We plan to continue this tradition shortly just in time for the summer yard sale season! 

We want to make this site a LOCAL web site that ANYONE can visit - no facebook account required, no asking permission to be here.  All free of charge just like KEVA Classifieds always was! 

KEVA Radio may be gone, but KEVA Classifieds.com lives on!  Join us in spreading the word about this web site and let's make it one of Evanston's most popular classified ads sites! 

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Just drop us a line --  mailbag@kevaclassifieds.com

STAY TUNED! KevaClassifieds.com will be back online by the end of this month (May 2015)


Your radio buddy "Michael J"

Host of KEVA Classifieds since 1994