F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) about KEVA Classifieds and KEVAClassifieds.com

Q:  What happens when I text something in to the text line?  How's that work?
A:  When you send a text message to 307-363-1240, the message gets sent to our in-studio computer and we'll read it on the air!  Simple, huh?

Q:  Can I text something in when KEVA Classifieds is not on the air?
A:   Yes you can!  It will be sitting in our text message inbox and we'll read it on the next program.

Q:  What happens if I actually CALL the text number? (363-1240)
A:   Try it!  It's actually a Google-Voice number.  It will let you leave a message.  Google then takes that message and sends it to our Inbox on the studio computer.  Yet another way to "put something on Classifieds!" 

Q:  If I send a text to the text line during the program, can I also ask you to put that in the mailbag?
A:  No, unfortunately we can't translate messages from the texts into mailbag items.  Just like live callers who also ask us "...and can you put that in the mailbag?" the answer is no.  Please email it to us or use the "Submit a mailbag item" page here on the web site to send something to us to be added to the KEVA Classifieds mailbag.  You are also welcome to fax us your info at 307-789-8521 or mail it to us at KEVA Classifieds, P.O. Box 190, Evanston, WY, 82931.

Q:  Why hasn't my item been read on the air?  I submitted it to you using the "submit an item to the mailbag" form here on the web site.
A:  When you submit a mailbag item or a pet patrol item, it's only guaranteed that it will get on the listings here on the web site.  It does NOT guarantee it will get on the air.  Our on-air callers (and now text messagers) take priority over any "mailed in" or "emailed" items.  If it's a slower day and we have time, we will read things from the mailbag and pet patrol listings on the air but there's no guarantee.

Q:  What's okay to advertise on classifieds and what is not?
A:  KEVA Classifieds is for not-for-profit, non-commercial ads.  This means no business ventures.  The reason we do this is because it's not fair to our sponsors who PAY for advertising during the program.  It would be unfair to advertise that you do yard work for money if we have "Joe's Lawn and Tree Service" paying for advertising.  It would be unfair to advertise that you clean houses and businesses if "Clean It Up Janitorial Service" pays for ads on the air.   You get the idea.  However if you do something for FREE, then it's a different story.  People who are willing to donate their time not for profit are okay to advertise on the air because they are non-business ventures.

Q:  Can I listen to past KEVA Classifieds programs online here on my computer?
A:  No, unfortunately we do not archive the audio from our daily programs.  However, if you go to the "Daily Listings" section, we DO post the listings from each day's program so you can still see what was on and what the phone numbers were.

Q:  I looked at the daily listings and today's listing isn't there.  Why?
A:  Michael J is the main host of our program and is also your webmaster - so online listings are only available when he hosts the program.  If for some reason he is not the host, the listings will most likely not be here on the web site.  This is an unusual occurrence, but even DJs get sick sometimes! :)

Q:  The Pet Patrol used to be self-service.  It doesn't appear this is true anymore.  Why??
A:  We had some problems with scammers submitting things to the pet patrol only to get people to call so they could try to scam them out of money and so forth.  The moment we found out about this we immediately took down the self-service site and once again, pet patrol listings have to be submitted like anything else and added to the listings by us.

Q:  How early can we call to get on the air?
A:  The program runs from about 9:30am to 10:00am weekdays.  You can call as early as you like and sit on hold til the program starts...that's usually a good way to guarantee you'll get through and get on the air.  Most people will call as early as 9:25 and just wait on hold for 5 minutes - which is just fine.  Usually it's easier to get through near the beginning of the program verses calling near the end of the program.  Plus if you wait til the last minute, we may not be able to get you on the air because we run out of time. 

Q:  I submitted something to your mailbag and I still don't see it in the mailbag listings.  What's up?
A:  When you submit something to the mailbag, it immediately gets emailed to us, and as time allows we will enter it on to the mailbag listings here on the web site.  Usually we'll get to it the same day or the next day but sometimes depending on the circumstances, it takes a little longer.  Mike Ellis and Michael J do their best to get things done right away.   As always, if you want your item on the classifieds immediately, call it in to the program live.