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Viruses. Junk. Ads. We got this!

Many times adware and junk can be mistaken for viruses. It’s all the same. It’s annoying. It can keep you from doing what you want to do. It disrupts things. And yes, there ARE still viruses out there, but you’d be surprised how many actual “viruses” we see. Very few. Today’s security programs, even Windows 10’s built in “windows defender”, are great at blocking actual viruses. Adware, Junk, and so forth are not viruses and are harder to block. Whatever it is, we can clean it up. Cost varies. Our 1/2 hour minimum in the shop is $45. Hourly is $60. Most clean-ups run about an hour but some can be tougher. Once we get more specifics, we can give you a better “guestimate” on the price. Call or stop by!