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No Power? No problem!

There are several reasons there could be no power. Of course, as all technicians know, rule #1 is “is it plugged in?” Be sure to check that your power cord (desktop pc) is securely plugged into the back of your pc, and securely plugged into the wall..or power strip…or whatever it is getting its power from. Make sure that the power strip is indeed working. If it still doesn’t come on, it’s a common issue that the power supply inside the pc or mac is dead. We can replace dead power supplies. Most power supplies run about $40-$50. We will usually do a special labor rate of about $20 when changing out a power supply since it doesn’t take very long to swap one out. With a laptop, there are a lot more things that could be causing the issue…from power cord to bad jack to bad battery. If you just need a power cord for your laptop, check out our Power Cord page for more info. When it comes to power, can we fix it? Yes we can! Bring it in so we can figure it out!